Florida Mover Review by Alejandro C.

They lost 3,000 pounds of our belongings, that's about 65 boxes. They took items we asked them to leave, and after filing a claim they refused to give us compensation for anything more than 20% of what we lost! Now we have to take them to court. Terrible excuse for a moving company! They couldn't do the ONE JOB that they were hired to do.

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Mr. Chavez: Providing great customer service is our top priority and we regret that our efforts fell short in this case. We are working hard to resolve this matter as quickly, fairly and efficiently as possible. However, we require a High Value Inventory of any articles of extraordinary value. This puts us on notice of any special handling needs for these items and allows us to seal these boxes. Because you didn't fill out this form, we have no record of these items. We also advise all of our customers that we cannot be held responsible for items such as jewelry, cash, coins, etc. because of their small size and high value. We require customers to move these items themselves. Allied Van Lines will be sending you more info on your claim.