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Packing Services

Your First Class Moving packing and crating specialists know how to pack all of your valuables for safe transportation. We can handle your china, dishes, glassware, artwork, sculptures, knick-knacks and clothing as well as chandeliers, computer components and other electronics. In order to complete your packing and crating, each packing crew is equipped with our special care materials list prepared by your relocation coordinator:

  1. Custom-made crates to protect more delicate items, such as antiques, collectibles, glass or marble table tops.
  2. Sturdy wardrobe cartons to protect clothing from wrinkling in transit.
  3. Double-wall cartons to help safeguard fine china and crystal.

Packing Materials

The right packing materials help ensure a safe trip. First Class Moving offers a complete selection of packing materials to accommodate the unique needs of your move. Whatever your specific needs are, we will design a custom solution for your packing or crating needs. Our antique specialists can handle your most delicate and most cherished items. And for your most fragile and high value items, we have security seals that you may sign at origin to ensure no one has opened your boxes. We can do all your packing for you or pack just the items you request. If you're feeling ambitious and want to pack yourself, we can provide you with professional packing materials that you can use to pack everything yourself. Please also ask about our FREE used boxes and paper that we make available to our customers.