Finding a quality mover in Tampa can be a challenging task, but following some simple guidelines you can make the process a lot less painful.

-          Is the mover an accredited ProMover?

While being a ProMover doesn’t guarantee that you will get the superior services you want it does increase the odds greatly.  Having a ProMover gives the mover quite a bit of credibility as far as being a quality Tampa moving company.

-          Are they a part of a major van line?  Such as North American Van Lines.

While there are good independent movers; having the mover being part of a major van lines gives you that extra sense of security.  If something did go wrong on the move you can always go to the van lines to help rectify the issue.

-          Do they have good reviews and good local reputation?

Reviews will let you know how other peoples moving experience has gone.   This will help you get an idea of the service you will get from them.  Today reviews have become more important than ever and knowing that there is no perfect business out there you should expect to see at least one negative review from someone who needed to vent their frustration.  What you should look at is how a business handles their customers if something should go wrong.

-          Have they been in business for a while?

Long established business offer more credibility.  Typically if a business does a terrible job don’t stay in business very long.  Typically a business that been around for 10+ years