Ask any human resources manager for a funny interview story and you'll likely hear several; and many potential new hires have a tale of their own regarding odd questions that may seem unrelated to the position they're hoping to fill- one engineering student recounted the time he was asked how he would explain making a sandwich to an alien.

A recent webinar hosted by The Business Journals ("The Secrets to Attracting and Hiring the Best Talent") picked the brains of several top CEOS regarding their own recruiting practices. In the excerpt below, the panelists list three suggestions for targeting better job candidates:

  • Diversify the recruitment material.
  • Aim for candidates slightly above the level you're looking to fill.
  • Make sure your online recruitment tools address candidates' individual needs and concerns.

Today's employers are facing new, unexpected challenges that require creative, independent thinking from their staff. This puts pressure on the recruitment professional to target and acquire the right talent.

At First Class Moving Systems, we retain the best drivers, packers, movers, warehouse personnel and relocation counselors because of our unique training and continuing education program, First Class University, which focuses on the following:

  • Technical Skills Training – These are the hard skills or occupational requirements of the job.  We train our front line employees and administrative staff all about how to safely pack boxes, how to wrap and protect the home and household goods, how to load a truck, how to load and unload a truck and how to unpack. 
  • Soft Skills Training – We also train all of our associates on soft skills, those skills often associated with a person’s personality traits, social graces, communication, language, personal habits, friendliness, and optimism.
  • Finance Training for Movers -- We also train our long-haul drivers on how they are compensated as moving tariffs can be highly complex, we also provide safety and vehicle maintenance training and hold seminars on how to maximize efficiency as a long-haul driver which leads to retention of more revenue.

This attention to detail and care for our own employees has not only lead to quality, timely service for our customers, but also expansive fleet growth for the business.