Tampa International Airport

We all love feel good stories.

As Tampa movers, we love to see when people in our city go out of their way to help another human being. In this particular instance, the entire airport came together to return a child his toy.

Do you remember having a favorite toy you couldn’t live without when you were a small child?

A little boy lost his stuff tiger, Hobbes, while traveling through Tampa International Airport.  The prized possession was picked up by airport staff and placed in the lost and found.

When the mom realized what had happened, she called the airport.  The staff was inspired to take the stuffed animal on a trip around the airport to record his time with them while the family was away.  Hobbes traveled all over the airport.  They documented his adventure with pictures as he did everything from assisting customers at the information desk to loading baggage on the plane.

When the family returned, they were able to pick up Hobbes along with a photo book describing his adventures.  Needless to say, this was a great moment for all who were involved.

To read more about this touching story and view some of the pictures, visit the Tampa Bay Times website.

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