Selling your home

With summer being a popular time to move, it is also a popular time to sell.

The summer is winding down and your home is still for sale. It can be difficult to sell your home with so much competition. To make your home more desirable to buyers, follow these tips:

  • Make It Different- Add some color to your door.  Get custom windows. Maybe renovate your backyard.  Do something to make your house stand out from the others. This will draw more people and it will stay with people when they look at other houses.
  • Clean It Up- No one likes to walk into a messy home.  It’s just tacky.  People need to be able to envision their lives there, so make it a blank canvas for them. Remove family photos and all of the shoes from the entryway.
  • Add Incentive- When it comes right down to the cost of the house, many people will feel more confident in their decision if they feel that they are getting a deal.  Offer to pay for the closing costs or tack on a transferable warranty to cover any appliances that might break.
  • Fix It Up- If there are any damages in your home, fix them before you sell.  No one wants to buy a house with a broken banister or leaky faucets. You want your home to be move-in ready.
  • Ask for the Right Price- Do your research before you put a price tag on the house.  Make sure that is comparable to similar houses and fits for the neighborhood. Potential buyers will take all of these things into consideration when they set a budget.

Selling your home during the peak season can be difficult. By using these tips you will be able to better stage your home for potential buyers.  If you need some storage for your extra belongings, call the Clearwater household storage experts at First Class Moving Systems. They will work with you to create a custom storage solution and their Clearwater movers can move your items for you once you sell your house.  Call or visit their website to learn more and to get a free quote today!