When contracting a moving company to help you with your move, the most reputable and trusted companies will be there for you every step of the way. However, many are not going to tell you all of the ins and outs of things you can expect or how you can save money as most businesses are wanting to maximize their profits. Before trusting strangers with your belongings, it is important to know any and everything you can about professional moving services. Knowing what to expect from them will help you to make smarter decisions about the professionals you choose to help you move.

When using a professional moving company such as First Class Moving and Storage, you can rest assured that any questions you may have about your move will be answered. As one of the most trusted Florida movers, First Class Moving and Storage can provide just about any service you need to help with every step of your move.

In order to get you more familiar with the moving process, our expert moving team at First Class Moving and Storage will reveal 8 things that most moving companies won’t tell you.

Phone Estimates Are Usually Never Accurate

Due to the many moving parts of a move, it is always recommended to get an in-person quote or a video quote for the most accurate representation of everything associated with your move. Phone quotes are usually never accurate as there are things that are often left out of forgotten about. Also, the size of the house, obstacles, and ease of entry can also affect the price.

You Should Get A Few Estimates To Compare Services and Rates

Just like with any type of service, you should get a few different quotes to make sure the first price you get is a fair price. It is easy for companies to take advantage of someone who is moving in a hurry as they are wanting it done urgently. Call around to a few different companies to have them stop by and offer a free quote on your move.

You Can Easily Verify A Company’s Credentials

To make sure that the company that you choose is going to be trustworthy, you can always check their credentials online. There are many sites like BBB, AMSA, and Google Reviews to check and see how other experiences have gone. This is a quick and easy way to check for fly by night companies.

Moving In The Off-Season Will Be Cheaper

The peak moving season usually falls right when school lets out for the summer—lasting from the Memorial Day Weekend until Labor Day Weekend. This is the easiest time for families to move as kids get out of school and older kids move onto college. Moving in the fall or winter can help you save a little more as moving companies usually offer better deals to get more business.

Reading All Of The Moving Paperwork Carefully Is Important

The moving process usually requires a bit of paperwork as there are many legal issues regarding moving people’s belongings. Make sure to take some time and carefully read all of the terms and agreements to become familiar with any additional charges, delays, or any other things you may not be expecting.

Extra Services Will Cost More Money

When you are going through your move, there may be a few services you want to add such as storage, additional items, and special care items. Many of these services will cost extra and it is recommended to speak to your mover about any potential services you may add to understand the additional charges.

There May Be Delays

In the contracts of most moving companies, there are clauses for unexpected delays. This will cover the moving company for delays such as traffic, truck breakdowns, or any other unexpected delays that are out of their hands. Check over your contact to see what is covered so you know what to expect if your delivery is late.

You Can Save Money Doing Some Things Yourself

If you are on a budget on your move, you can help save some money by doing some of the work yourself. Making sure all of your items are packed, by the truck, and unloading yourself can help to save some money on your total move.

Expert Moving Services From First Class Moving

If you’re feeling nervous about an upcoming move, hiring a professional and reputable moving team will help to make the process much easier. At First Class Moving and Storage, we’re

proud to offer moving solutions and services our customers can depend on. As one of the top Miami/Sunrise & Tampa moving companies, we strive to make your move as stress-free as possible and would love to help you start planning your next relocation.

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