One of the most hated parts of a moving project is packing. Even if you’re excited about moving and the change it brings to your life, packing is probably not something you’re looking forward to doing. Fortunately, there is an option out there for those who don’t have the time or can’t be bothered to deal with the details of the move—and that’s full-service packing options from a trusted Miami/Sunrise and Tampa moving company like First Class Moving and Storage.

Our dedicated and trusted Florida movers are experts at handling every aspect of the moving process for our customers. Our full-service packing options make moving extremely easy—and we’ll take over to wrap, crate, and pack up everything from your normal, everyday items to heavy, oversized ones. That being said, it’s also important to know what items your trusted Florida movers won’t pack or move for you.

If you’re planning a relocation, take a look at the following list of items your movers aren’t likely to move to avoid wasting time or experiencing delays on moving day.

What Your Movers Won’t Touch

Most movers will have a checklist of items they can’t move for you, and you can ask them directly for the list to ensure you’re planning properly. Even better, your Miami/Sunrise and Tampa moving company is more than happy to go over their list with you to explain certain items or situations that are specific to your circumstances. In any case, here are the most usual suspects when it comes to items that movers are unwilling or unable to move for you:

  • Plants: In some cases, plants can’t legally be transported more than 150 miles without a special license. This is mostly due to pests hitching a ride with said plant and spreading plant disease or infestations into other areas of the country.Some plants are delicate and might not survive being uprooted and transported across the country in a moving van, so it could be for the best to leave them behind.
  • Hazardous Materials: Anything from paint to batteries can be considered hazardous. It’s not the item itself, but rather the material within that’s the issue. A good rule of thumb is to consider how the item is disposed of. If it can’t put it in your regular trash then chances are your movers won’t move said item.
  • Perishable Food: Perishable food items are usually not allowed on moving trucks—unless you’re moving very close by. Either consume the food before the move or be prepared to transport it yourself.
  • Explosives: This one is pretty obvious, but worth mentioning anyway—no ammunition, black powder, primer, fireworks, or other explosive materials are getting on the moving truck operated by your movers. This is one category to transport on your own if you must.
  • Pets: Considering that movers often request the pets be locked up while they’re working, it’s not surprising that they won’t move them for you, either. Besides, do you really want to move without a worthy co-pilot? If you’re not leaving by car, consider pet shipping companies or airlines to transport your feathered or furry friends.
  • Flammable Items: Flammable items are a sub-category of hazardous materials. This applies mainly to any kerosene, gasoline, lighter fluid, or anything that can easily catch fire. 
  • Corrosives: Your movers won’t move items such as nitric acid or batteries that contain acid. It’s considered a hazard and in most cases you’re required to transport the items on your own.
  • Valuables: Technically, your movers can move valuable items such as jewelry and stock certificates, among other important items, but do you really want them to? It’s just not a good idea, and most movers aren’t comfortable being put in that position without added insurance just in case.
  • Power Equipment With Fuel: Your movers will move your lawnmower and other power equipment. However, they will need to be completely drained of fuel before they’ll load them onto the truck.
  • Special Items: Some movers don’t have the means or skills necessary to move specialty items such as a pool table, piano, or other large/heavy items. You can avoid this issue by looking for a full-service mover that specializes in this category.

Should You Take it With You?

Not all things are worth the hassle of taking with you. As a final word of advice, consider the following questions when determining which items you really want your trusted Florida movers to handle for you.

  • Is it better to repurchase?
  • Can I afford to lose this item?
  • What do I really need?

Packing Everything Up with First Class Moving Systems

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