Tips for Moving Electronics

Household electronics aren't items that are easily replaced if damaged during a move. If you're planning on storing your electronics in a garage or storage unit, it's important to take extra precautions to prevent irreversible damage. Some of the most common household electronics include televisions, computers, monitors, stereos, microwaves, and portable air filters. To protect your investment and irreplaceable items, make sure to follow these steps for safe transportation.

Protect Electronic Screens

One of the most fragile elements of any electronic is a screen. It's important to make sure the screen of your television or monitor is safe from penetrating objects and scratches. When moving an electronic with a screen, make sure to wrap the object sufficiently in bubble wrap or foam material before inserting it into a box. Here are some more considerations for electronic transportation:

  • Properly Label Fragile Boxes
  • Use Original Electronic Box
  • Keep Electronics in Storage

Be Prepared for Weather

Moving your household electronics in the Florida heat is something that has to be taken into consideration. Many electronics like cell phones need to be kept under a certain temperature to prevent malfunctioning. If you're moving during a heatwave, make sure you don't leave any electronics in the sun or in a hot, sealed room for too long.

It's also key to look at the weather for the day you're planning the move. If rain is expected in the forecast, make sure every electronic is sufficiently packed in a box that's wrapped in plastic. You can also add silica gel to the boxes to make sure humidity doesn't penetrate the electronics.

Detach Wires and Accessories

The parts of the electronic that are most likely to break during a move are any parts that extend off of the item. For example, a gaming console has a removable power cord that can be safely wrapped up and disconnected from the console to prevent breaking. By taking this extra time-consuming step with every electronic, you're more likely to protect your investments during your residential move in Florida.

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