At First Class, we've been through some lean years and gained some industry experience servicing forward-thinking and progressive clients. Because of this, First Class' Relocation Consultants are equipped with the resources to offer our expert opinions as to the best practices garnered from your industry and both the government and private sectors. We begin with a thorough and strategic needs-analysis and assessment of your current organizational culture, goals, concerns, policies and practices. Once we gather all of this information, our relocation policy analysts will custom design a program that is not only cost effective and competitive, but will be simple to implement and integrate into your strategic workforce mobility and talent management plans.

Our comprehensive consulting services include:

Program Evaluation and Development

We work together with you to analyze your relocation policy and your program needs as they relate to your talent management and workforce mobility strategies. We then decide which strategy will be most effective in meeting those needs. From simple program review to complete policy design, we are equipped to deliver exactly what you need. Whether your organization is de-centralized with multiple business units engaged in mobility or fully centralized with one departmental hub handling the needs of all transferees, First Class can help you achieve consensus and a concerted process flow.

Competitive Benchmarking

We will inform you on all the latest trends and practices that have proven to be most effective for companies similar to yours. Our certified relocation professionals have access to the latest industry information and will use their knowledge and experience to help you evaluate which elements make the most sense for your business.

Process Mapping

We will collaborate to develop and document processes and practices that are easily integrated into your existing organizational structure. With logical milestones and an easy-to-follow process flow, our goal is to ensure that your processes are streamlined, easily understood, successfully executed and measured for compliance.

Cost Containment

We offer on-going review of your relocation program performance to ensure alignment with corporate objectives. In pursuit of optimal value, we will seek cost containment while, at the same time, offer new and creative ideas and pricing models to complement and enhance your program.