Talent Management + Global Mobility = Talent Mobility

As our global economy continues to evolve, deploying the right talent to the right markets at the right time is imperative in today's business climate. If you are a human resources or talent acquisition professional, we know you juggle a multitude of tasks in your daily duties. That's why you shouldn't let household goods become an obstacle to your organization's recruiting efforts. Let First Class evaluate your policy and help you benchmark against your competition so you don't lose the talent war to a relocation program that doesn't meet the needs of today's candidates. We can help you contain costs while enriching the transferee experience before, during and after relocating. Did you know:

  • 71% of millennials want to work outside of their home country during their career
  • 24% of CEOs expect delays to strategic initiatives due to talent constraints
"Talent Mobility: A Global Approach to Talent Management"
PricewaterhouseCoopers Web February 2012

Get the assurance you need as a talent mobility professional that your program is competitive enough to attract the players your organization needs to expand across the globe. To retain key individuals, corporations must realize the importance of talent management and global mobility and link the two together. Without a true and well-articulated talent mobility strategy, the global mobility process can be burdensome and impede the goals of the company and increase the risk of failed assignments.