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Florida Records Management Services

There are many advantages to utilizing the Florida records management services from First Class Moving Systems! We have the capacity and competency to manage your documents and records storage in our expansive facility. Our solutions are also flexible—so whether you need to store one file or a multitude of documents, we can accommodate your needs.

Safeguard Your Documents in a Secured Storage Facility

When entrusting a company with your sensitive records and documents, it is important that the facility be convenient and secure. The storage facility at First Class is centrally located to serve the needs of customers throughout Florida, and our state-of-the-art storage warehouse features:

  • 32,000 Square Feet of Space
  • Climate-Controlled Units
  • Moisture-Free, Clean Spaces
  • 24-Hour Surveillance
  • Fire Protection Systems

The Trusted Source for Florida Document Storage

First Class Moving Systems has been providing record storage solutions to local businesses for years, and we’ve built a reputation as a trusted company that goes above and beyond for our customers. Whether you are a small "mom and pop" shop or a large multinational corporation, First Class is equipped to handle all of your record management needs.

We offer a full spectrum of record management services, including:

  • Disciplined Bar-Coding and Database Management
  • Standard & Emergency File Delivery Services
  • Detailed Methods of Keeping Track of Your Records
  • Open Lines of Communication with Your Company
  • Complete Line of Storage Supplies
  • Specialized Storage of Medical Records and X-Rays
  • Recheck of Items Upon Delivery for Possible Damage

There are also numerous benefits to storing your records with First Class Moving Systems! With secured file storage, you can:

  • Utilize Valuable Office Space More Efficiently
  • Eliminate Office Labor Costs Associated with File Management
  • Find Records Easier and More Quickly
  • Reduce the Risk of Legal and Regulatory Concerns
  • Concentrate on Your Core Business Competencies

Request a Free Price Estimate for Secured Document Storage in Florida

First Class Moving Systems is unparalleled in delivering records management services for our clients. Outsourcing the management of your essential business documents can produce many benefits to your company—so, contact us today to see how our expert team can make your operation more efficient! Simply call or fill out our online form to start the process with a free, no-obligation estimate.