Senior Moving

Senior Moving

The mission of the NASMM, or the National Association of Senior Move Managers, is to enhance the relocation process for seniors throughout the country – including those who reside in Tampa, Florida.

Started in the 1990s, NASMM helps Senior Citizens who are moving in Tampa downsize from long-held family homes to apartments and assisted living facilities – minimizing the stress and trauma that can often accompany these events.

Senior move managers assist seniors with the move process

The Senior Move Managers of NASMM are tasked with making the moving process easier for seniors in Tampa, lending their training and experience to provide people with physical and emotional support throughout the process.

Key Services Provided by Senior Move Managers:

  • Home sale assistance at origin
  • Professional lease termination assistance
  • Organizing, sorting and packing personal possessions
  • Space planning for the senior’s new living space
  • Organizing estate sales, tag sales and consignment of household goods
  • Arranging for professional shipment and full-service storage for belongings
  • Managing the professional packers and movers
  • Unpacking and put-away service at destination
  • Hanging pictures and organizing goods
  • Communicating with dependents regarding the move

If you or someone you love is a senior citizen moving in Tampa, you’ll be happy to know that our NASMM Move Managers are mostly former relocation professionals who understand the transition process forwards and backwards. NASMM Move Managers have worked in healthcare, gerontology and nursing – and many also come from a technology and project management background.

Why senior move managers are popular today

Moving is a complex and stressful task, especially for Senior Citizens. Having a professional advocate for you or a loved one during the process will make it much, much easier. Soon enough, Baby Boomers will also be leaving the workforce – in fact, by 2030, the U.S. population of those over 65 will jump by nearly 80%, a figure which comprises 1/5th of U.S. population.

Therefore, Senior Move Managers are becoming more in demand because they can help carry the burden of a downsizing Senior – virtually eliminating emotional and physical strain of a complex and overwhelming process.

Senior move managers are used by many

While family members are frequently involved in contacting senior move managers, others utilize their services as well.

  • Bank and trust officers
  • Geriatric care managers
  • Attorneys
  • Social service providers/social workers
  • Senior living communities
  • Physicians and allied health providers
  • Realtors
  • Staging professionals

Peace of mind knowing NASMM provides a standard of ethics

NASMM helps assure the quality of its senior move managers by providing accreditation and ethics guidelines for every manager. Each member must take the accreditation course, pass an exam on best practices and sign the NASMM code of ethics that illustrates NASMM’s seven standards.

  • Advocacy and loyalty to the client
  • Promoting self determination
  • Right to privacy
  • Avoiding conflict of interest
  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Continuing education

Senior move managers for your move

To ensure a completely positive moving experience, many Senior Move Managers work directly with moving companies (like First Class Moving). Call First Class today for a free consultation and no-obligation quote – and don’t forget to ask about our NASMM affiliation for more on comfortable Senior Moving in Tampa.