When it comes to moving, storage, warehousing and distribution many times it is stressful thinking of the ins and outs of what happens from point a to point b.  You want your goods to be just as they were when they arrive at their final destination without the headache.  First Class Moving Systems can take the headache of moving logistics away.  The following logistics services are provided.

  • Full-service warehousing and distribution
  • 32,000 square ft warehouse space
  • Fire protection systems in place
  • Security Surveillance 24hours a day
  • Climate controlled moisture free storage environment.
Upon sign up you are also provided a specialized distribution coordinator who develops a custom plan to meet your specific demands.  Communication is key - and we provide that to our customers.   An experienced and knowledgeable full-service warehousing and distribution provider First Class Moving Systems has advanced logistics solutions to distribute and hold your important items securely.